• Dr.Amar Sarin

    Renowned limb lengthening surgeon. Transforming lives with cutting-edge procedures for enhanced mobility and confident living. Your trusted partner in growth.

  • Dr.Amar Sarin

    As a distinguished limb lengthening doctor, you empower individuals with innovative procedures for increased mobility and renewed self-assurance. Your journey to new heights starts here.

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"Dr. Sarin made my limb lengthening a success story. I was walking tall, with stature and confidence—a highly skilled and caring team."
"Life-changing! Dr. Sarin's limb lengthening boosted my confidence. Grateful for their expertise and caring approach."
Wg. Cdr.R.D.Ahluwalia
New Delhi
"Transformative experience! Dr. Sarin's limb lengthening gave me a new perspective. Expertise and care beyond compare."

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Head of Department- Orthopedics Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

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Dr.Yogesh Kumar

Senior Consultant- Orthopeadic Surgeon Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

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Dr.Gobind Vallabh Joshi

Senior Consultant- Orthopedic Surgeon Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

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Jijo Dewasya

Male OT Nurse

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr.Sarin, a leading Limb Lengthening Doctor in India, is highly regarded for his expertise in limb-lengthening procedures. With over two decades of experience, he provides personalized care and employs cutting-edge techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients. His commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements sets him apart in the field.

Yes, factors like surgical technique, implant choice, hospital charges, and post-op care influence Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost In India. Consult Dr. Sarin for personalized insights.

Dr.Sarin stands as the foremost Limb Lengthening Surgeon, known for his unparalleled expertise and successful outcomes in this specialized field. His skill and dedication make him the top choice worldwide.

The Leg Lengthening Surgery in India, led by the esteemed Dr. Sarin, begins with a comprehensive pre-operative assessment to determine the ideal approach. The surgery involves precise incisions and the application of external fixators. Over time, controlled adjustments are made to gradually lengthen the limb. Post-operatively, a tailored rehabilitation program ensures a smooth recovery and optimal outcomes. Dr. Sarin’s expertise and meticulous approach make him a trusted choice for this procedure.

In urban centers, Limb Lengthening Surgery cost in India may range higher due to factors like advanced medical facilities and higher living expenses. However, Dr. Sarin ensures competitive pricing while maintaining exceptional quality of care, whether in urban or rural areas.

Dr. Amar Sarin is widely recognized as the premier limb-lengthening surgeon in India. Dr. Sarin has become an orthopedic luminary with a distinguished career marked by exceptional surgical skills and innovative approaches. His commitment to advancing limb-lengthening procedures, coupled with a deep sense of compassion for his patients, sets him apart as a leader in this specialized area of surgery. Patients from across India and worldwide seek out Dr. Sarin for his unrivalled expertise and dedication to achieving remarkable results. His contributions to the field have transformed individual lives and elevated the standard of care for limb-lengthening surgery globally. Dr. Amar Sarin’s name is synonymous with excellence in orthopedic surgery.

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