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There is no definite definition for Complex Fractures, it is simply a broken bone that is more severe than what is common or routine.

Fractures are considered to be complex when:

  • The fragments are broken into many pieces
  • The soft tissues are severely damaged
  • There is loss of bone due to severe trauma
  • There is disruption of the articular surface
  • There are multiple fractures at several levels in a single bone
  • There is an associated joint dislocation


Since the complex fractures vary each, there are a variety of methods and options available to rectify complex fractures. Internal and external fixation devices are frequently used on patients with complex fractures.


Case 1
3D CT scan Complex fracture at knee
X ray complex fracture at knee
Immediate results after surgery

Case 2
Complex fracture before surgery
Results after surgergy

Case 3
Occurrence of fracture post surgery
Excellent Results after surgery

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