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What are Deformities?

Deformity correction refers to the process of adjusting or modifying musculoskeletal deformities—most commonly a leg deformity, foot deformity or ankle deformity, though it can be used for deformities of almost any part of the body—through surgery or the use of orthotic devices. The deformities addressed by deformity correction usually stem from: congenital and developmental deformities, which are often present at birth and get progressively worse as the patient ages; physical traumas, such as sports injuries, car accidents or falls; and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cerebral palsy and osteomyelitis.


The specific treatment will depend on the deformity being treated, but generally speaking, they either involve surgery or the use of external fixation devices. A brief description of the treatments used for certain deformities is given below.

Because of the complex nature of this area of orthopedics, choosing a surgeon who has substantial experience evaluating and treating deformities is critical.


Case 1

Patient suffering from knocked knees and undergoing surgery

3D CT scan Complex fracture at knee

X ray complex fracture at knee

Immediate results after surgery

3D CT scan Complex fracture at knee

X ray complex fracture at knee

Case 2

Adult neglected with club foot

Case 3

Deformity of the wrist after occurrence of fracture

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